Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Digital Learning Day: Resource Roundup | Edutopia

Digital Learning Day: Resource Roundup | Edutopia

5 Tips for Flipping Your PBL Classroom | Edutopia

5 Tips for Flipping Your PBL Classroom | Edutopia

This ironic I created a Blog Post about about Flipping yesterday.  This article provides more insight from a pedagogical view.  I am really eager to work with or observe a teacher flipping their class or classroom.

Digital Learning Day February 5, 2014

Digital Learning Day is February 5, 2014, it is only 14 days away. What activity will you plan with your students on the 3rd Annual Digital Learning Day?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Flipped Classroom

Have you FLIPPED your classroom? If so please share your experience and if not why not? What are your favorite tools for flipping your classroom. At TCS Naimah flips her EverydayMath Class using Explain Everything. The app is easy to use and offers many different workflow options. Flipped Classroom

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Why should students learn to code? What apps are you using with your students to code?

Teaching students to code is very important because it teachers students to collaborate, share and respect one another's ideas. Planning, creativity and critical thinking are also very important skills used to code. It is also motivating for the students to know that there will be an end product to share. Why do you think that students should learn to code?

5 Reasons to Teach Kids to Code
by NowSourcing.
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Welcome to Ideas for Integrating Technology

My name is Tammy B. and I an Instructional Technology Specialist at The Children's School in Midtown Atlanta.  I have been in my current position for 3 years and previously I was a lead classroom teacher in second grade at The Children's School.  As a part of my PLN I enjoy reading Twitter, sharing my thoughts and ideas and asking questions.  Twitter is the best way to find a developer and their responses are always prompt. FaceBook is also part of my PLN. There are so many educators that share ideas.  Reading Facebook is always inspiring.  I also follow a few blogs.  Blogs are a great way to know what is trending. My PLN islikje reading the morning paper except my PLN never sleeps. Many of the ideas I share with my colleagues and others I tuck away in my Evernote account.  It occurred to me that I could share what I am learning with other educators and hopefully they will share their ideas. I am always searching for Web 2.0 tools that foster collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication.  I also enjoy reading, sharing, and evaluating educational and productivity apps. Why?  Because all students learn differently and I want to offer a selection of apps instead of just one. Please follow and comment on the blog and on twitter @tcsteacher.